Scotstoun Living Advent 2019

What's happening?

For this living advent calendar participating houses in Scotstoun will have a window display that will be displayed each day from 1st to 24th of December. There will be a map of the locations available when the event starts, so make sure you come back to find out where it is!

This is the inaugural Scotstoun Living Advent Calendar, so there's still some learning to do.

What are you doing with the information I have submitted?

On the homepage you can submit your your email to receive updates. Your details will only used for the event duration (1st Dec to 6th Jan) and we will only send you information about this event only.

During the course of the event, you should expect potentially one message each day, plus a few reminders about the event start and end, and maybe to tell your friends about it.

When the event is finished, all of your details collected will be deleted.

We are also using tracking with Google Analytics to get information about the site usage so see how users are interacting with the site - all information gathered is completely anonymous.

What are you using to make the website?

A community project generally means not much money, so everything used to make the website and related services is free.

This means that sometimes things might go to sleep, or may be be a bit slow. We aren't expecting a huge amount of traffic, so hopefully the services listed will be able to cope and we won't hit the limits.

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